Maintenance Section

Silver Star provides customers with the full solution for every stage. The Maintenance department at Silver Star, which reaches into all UAE, has one priority above all else - ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Whether the requirement is for servicing, and maintenance work or just the supply of parts and accessories, The company's experienced team of parts specialists are able to advise the best approach for replacement, of older or more current models.



Cleaning and descaling stainless steel

Silver Star provides consumers in various ways for cleaning stainless steel before, during and after fabrication. This includes methods for removing oxide scales resulting from hot-forming operations, thermal treatment, and welding and brazing; for removing free-iron contamination on stainless steel surfaces that may have been picked up from metalworking tools; for removing metal-forming lubricants and coolants; and for removing the general accumulation of dirt, grime, and surface stains that occur during normal storage, handling and fabrication.



Maintenance areas offered by Silver Star

  1. Maintenance & Cleaning of a Commercial and Residential Kitchen.
  2. Washing & Dishwasher Machine Maintenance.
  3. Cleaning and Maintenance of Ovens .
  4. Kitchen Gas Safety.
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance of the Fridge/Freezer.
  6. Cleaning and Maintenance of the Cold Store .
  7. Commercial and Residential Kitchen Cleaning.
  8. Maintenance of Kitchen Ventilation Systems.